About Us

Welcome to the website of the Indian Veterinary Association, Tamil Nadu Chapter

This is the initiative by Veterinarians of Tamil Nadu, serving in 20 different Sectors numbering around 7000 to unite them under an Umbrella:

Our Vision

We, the Indian Veterinary Association, the Tamil Nadu Chapter, is an initiative to bring all veterinarians of Tamil Nadu under a single umbrella, who are all working in different sectors.

We, The Indian Veterinary Association of Tamil Nadu Chapter, pledge to dedicate ourselves to safeguard our veterinary professional ethics and image of our profession. We are also nurturing our welfare of veterinarians of Tamil Nadu by coordinating the Government's initiatives and Indian Veterinary Association with innovative, progressive Livestock solutions, which benefit India in general and also our Veterinarians, in particular.

The following are the different sectors

Veterinarians Working in AHD of Tamil Nadu Veterinary Officers Working in AHD of Tamil Nadu
Veterinarians working Tamil Nadu Aavin Teachers, Professors working in TANUVAS
Civil Service Veterinarians Vets As Scientists & in R&D, Biologicals Production
Lady Vets Vets In Banking & Insurance
Overseas Vets Pg Students & Research Fellows
Veterinarians working in POULTRY Sector Vet Entrepreneurs
Veterinarians working in SMALL ANIMAL PRACTITIONERS Vets In Pharma & Nutraceuticals
Retired Veterinary Officials Full Time Practitioners
Vets In Equine, Zoo & Wild Life Vets In Dairy Industry & Dairy Farms
Vets In Media Vets In Armed Forces & Others

    Our Vision with Indian Veterinary Association.

  1. 01  Introduction and Implementation of Veterinary practice regulations in India.
  2. 02   Implementation of Section 30(b) of Indian Veterinary Council Act, 1984 whereby all dispensaries be manned by Veterinary Graduates leading to creation of more posts for Veterinary Graduates.
  3. 03   Immediate filling up of all vacant posts of Veterinary Officers in all states across the country.
  4. 04   creation of Posts of Veterinary Officers in all states/ UT as per recommendation of Agriculture commission i.e. one VO per 5000 animals on immediate basis.
  5. 05   Parity in Internship Allowance to Rs 23, 500/- with Medicos for all Veterinary Internship students.
  6. 06   Parity in PG Allowance to M.V.Sc. and Ph.D. students with medicos.
  7. 07   In-service Post Graduation facility for all Service Veterinarian's with full pay for updation of Professional knowledge.
  8. 08   Strengthening State Veterinary Councils.
  9. 09   Creating posts for Veterinarians as Food Safety Officer's, Wild Life Veterinary Officer"s, Veterinary Officer's in Municipal Corporations/Local Bodies and Pharmaceutical Industry.
  10. 10   Raising the standards of Veterinary Education and updation of curriculum.
  11. 11   Steps towards Constitution if Indian Council of Fisheries and Veterinary Research (ICFVR).
  12. 12   Creation of Veterinary extension services and Establishment of Pashu Vigyan Kendra in all districts of the country.
  13. 13   Introduction of combined vaccine of HS and FMD throughout the country.
  14. 14   Strengthening of surveillance network starting from supply of vaccine to quality of vaccine to field functionaries.
  15. 15   Setting up of and strengthening of Diagnostic setup across the country.
  16. 16   Implementation of Indian Veterinary Council Act 1984 in letter and spirit.
  17. 17   Focus on scientific advancements and encouraging specialization in the field of Veterinary profession.
  18. 18   Ensuring Parity in Pay Scales and Service Conditions to all the Veterinarians working for State Governments and Government of India.
  19. 19   Ensuring trainings for updation of knowledge and skills to all the Veterinary Professionals.
  20. 20   Ensuring conducive working conditions for Veterinarians.
  21. 21   Implementation of Dynamic Assured Career Progression (DACP) for all the Veterinarians working in Govt. of India and various State Governments as per the directives of Honorable Courts and Pay Commissions.
  22. 22   Non Practice Allowance (NPA) to all the Veterinarians working in Government sector and Veterinary Universities.
  23. 23   Filling up of all the existing vacancies in Veterinary Universities and Animal Husbandry Departments of respective State Governments to ensure high educational standards and better professional services.
  24. 24   Encouraging technological innovations in Animal Husbandry Practices for better service delivery to farming community.
  25. 25   Encouraging scientific research and developments for better disease diagnosis and treatment in Veterinary field.
  26. 26   Framing regulations on farm management, animal products, feed formulations, Medicine formulations, Veterinary Medical stores, Vaccine development and supply etc.
  27. 27   Regulations related to reduction of pain and suffering of animals, emphasis and Professional ethics and values.
  28. 28   Regulation of better institutional facilities for teaching, research and extension in all the Veterinary Colleges/Veterinary Polytechnic colleges/ Research Centers/ Training Institutions.
  29. 29   Ensuring better organizational structures in Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Departments in all States in India for providing promotional avenues to the employees at the earliest.
  30. 30   To develop a responsive and effective mechanism to check quackery in Veterinary Profession and making legal amendments in IVC Act, 1984.
  31. 31   Security to Lady Veterinarians, empowerment and better service conditions for lady vets.
  32. 32   Entry of Lady Veterinarians into Remount Veterinary Corps (RVC).